Where do Andean alpacas come from?

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The Andean states are a group of nations in South America connected by the Andes mountain range. "Andean States" is sometimes used to refer to all seven countries that the Andes runs through, regions with a shared culture primarily spread during the times of the Inca Empire (such as the Quechua language and Andean cuisine), or it can be used in a geopolitical sense to designate countries in the region that are members of the Andean Community trade group and have a local (as opposed to European) cultural orientation.

The Andes extend through the western part of South America in following countries:
•  Colombia
•  Venezuela
•  Ecuador
•  Peru
•  Bolivia
•  Argentina (not considered to be geopolitically an Andean State)
•  Chile (not considered to be geopolitically an Andean State)


[Source: Wikipedia] 

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